About me

Nikol Charvátová, birth name Rydvalová, *24.8.1989 in Prague

1995 - 2005 - Elementary Art School in Prague 8, Klapkova st.

2005 - 2009 - Secondary School of Applied Arts, Žižka square, Prague 3 - promotional graphics

and something about me:


I think that direction of mine mission in life was destined when my first name was selected - Nikol - French name, originate from Greek Nikóláos, which can be translated  as “Victory of the People” - based on this I assume that I cannot be one of plenty administration workers or production line workers… Another fact confirming this was the date of birth in horoscope sign of Virgin - detail oriented perfectionist :) and the date when I first visited Elementary Art School, where I was registered by my parents when I was 5 years old. Since this time I have not given away art tools from my hands and for that I will be grateful to my parents for whole life.

After ten years of careful training I was admitted to Secondary School of Applied Arts - whole four years ran like water. Right there, in the second year of study in year 2007 was firstly mentioned an idea of my best friend to draw animals. First efforts were tried with horses from my neighbourhood. First positive responses were coming and right after first orders too. In those times was drawing on paper format A1 or A2 drew with method of dry pastel. In 2009 I decided to change the method of drawing and also the format - pencil and one year later added crayon. As time went I changed the pencil with greasy charcoal in pen “CretaColor Nero” and for colourful drawings “Faber-Castell Polychromos”. Formats of paper were in most cases changed to “usual” A3 - 30 x  40 cm.

Based on the client`s feedback was clear the bullseye of all paintings are portraits of dogs. I am not against any different topics, so in my list of works you can find portraits of cats, dogs, rodents and even drawings of air fighters and motorcycles :) I do not focus on portraits of people. You can see my work also applied in following:

  • - drawings accompanying in the thematic articles of magazine Planeta Zvířat
  • - illustrated drawings for dog´s food Sam´s Field wrapping
  • - series of 12 drawings of air fighters and helicopters for calendar of company Real Progress
  • - illustrated drawings for supplementary dog´s food Herbal Oil of brand Brit

I participated as co-author of a few smaller exhibitions and really would like to organise others. I managed the course called “Learn to portraits of animals” and another one is planned. My offer was extended with manufacture of handmade pillows with 

my drawings and graphics, wall calendar with Portraits of animals…

And what about future plans? When I skip the obvious care of my beloved family and children it will be constantly improving of my technics. I would like to get into the public consciousness and teach others with knowledge which I gained and draw, draw and draw. Human is happy only when he can make happy the people around him. And my target? To bring a joy to everyone!

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